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The current low level of property prices in Bulgaria, along with its fast-growing
economy and the extensive inward investment it is attracting, combine to make
the Bulgarian housing market one of Europe’s most bullish opportunities. However,
it is not only the low prices that are attracting investors. The tourist potential, as
well as Bulgaria’s recent entry into the European Union, indicates significant price
growth in the future and so makes Bulgaria a compelling choice for the property


Below is the standard purchase process in Bulgaria, and issues that may
affect that purchase:

- As a non-Bulgarian national is currently not permitted to own land in Bulgaria, it is still
necessary for the purchaser to form a Bulgarian limited company that can own land. The
purchaser will need to register as a company director, which has to be done through a
solicitor and will take around four weeks.
- The preliminary contract of sale will be drawn up by the purchaser’s chosen lawyer, at
which stage the purchaser will be expected to pay a 10% deposit.
- The purchaser’s lawyer will conduct the necessary checks on title documents, licenses
and permissions, debts on title, and terms of contract.
- The purchaser must pay the balance of the purchase price as well as land tax and the
relevant fees, amounting to more than 5% of the purchase price. On payment of these
costs, the property will legally belong to the purchaser.
Costs of a standard property purchase in Bulgaria include the following:

- 2,5% state tax is calculated on the purchase price and is similar to a stamp duty.
- The notary fee is calculated using the price in the title deed. The cost will be around
€350 for a typical 2-bedroom apartment. The maximum fee is €1,550. These fees can
be shared between the buyer and the seller, as agreed.
- Land registry costs 0.1% of the value.
- Legal fees are likely to amount to 1% of property value in most cases.