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Thursday 29.04.2010 @ 01:47 PM
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Thursday 29.04.2010 @ 01:47 PM
Commercial Law
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Re-registration of NGOs

Following the entry into force of the amendments to the Non-Profit Legal Entities Act, all existing organizations have a three-year deadline (from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2020) to transfer their registration from the court to the Registry Agency, state fees will not be dued.
In the State Gazette, issue 77 of 26.09.2017 was promulgated the Ordinance amending and supplementing Ordinance No. 1 of 2007 on Keeping, Preserving and Accessing the Commercial Register. The amendments to the Ordinance relate to the transfer of the registration of non-profit legal entities by the district courts where the headquarters of the non-profit organizations are situated to the territorial division of the Registry Agency.
According to the Transitional and Concluding Provisions of the Ordinance the re-registration will be done in the following order:
Until 31 December 2020, non-profit legal entities and branches of foreign non-profit legal entities registered in the NGO Register in the area of the district court at the headquarters of the organization will apply for re-registration in the Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities objective, managed by the Registry Agency.
The application for re-registration will be submitted by the persons legally representing the non-profit legal entity or by a lawyer with an explicit power of attorney for representation before the agency.
The samples of the applications are:
         - for associations - A15;
         - for foundations -A16;
         - for branches of foreign non-profit legal entities - A17;
         - for the community chitalishte - A18.
The application for re-registration will be subject to an up-to-date incorporation or statute certified by the court of registration or the legal representative of the non-profit legal entity.
The application for re-registration of a non-profit legal entity that has branches is subject to an additional application for each branch - sample B2.
The application for re-registration may also be filed with an application for registration of a new circumstance, deletion and announcement, except in the cases of transformation under Art. 12 of the Non-Profit Legal Entities Act. The relevant state fee is due for the entry of a circumstance or the announcement of an act.

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